Exclusive Trailer: ‘Carrie’ star Chloë Grace Moretz was covered in blood for weeks

Chloe Grace Moretz in 'Carrie'
Chloe Grace Moretz in 'Carrie'

The first look at the new adaptation of Stephen King's horror classic "Carrie" is here. And it is a bloody affair -- seen here first on Yahoo! Movies.

Starring Chloë Grace Moretz in a role first made popular by Sissy Spacek in 1976, Moretz said recently she spent weeks covered in blood. "It was probably the most fun [part of filming] for about the first two weeks of it, and then after that it just felt sticky and wet and it was 40 degrees out and freezing," Moretz said over the weekend at New York Comic-Con.

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Moretz found it interesting that every day brought a new state in which the blood would be. "We had the wet blood, and the fire blood, and the dry blood, and all the different type of blood," Moretz said, adding that the blood truly became part of her and that she got used to going back to her Toronto hotel every night covered in the stuff. Moretz quipped, "The people at the front desk were all, 'Wow, she must have had a really hard day at work.'"

Watch the exclusive teaser trailer for 'Carrie':

The teaser trailer shows a large section of a town -- not just the location of a high school prom -- on fire. The camera swoops through the destruction eventually landing on a bloody, disturbed-looking Moretz as one character narrates, "She wasn't a monster. She was just a girl." The new footage indicates that the level of destruction incurred by Carrie is taken up a few notches in the remake -- which more closely reflects the Stephen King novel on which both films are based.

Through the audition into filming, Moretz said director Kimberly Peirce ("Boys Don't Cry") changed her view on Carrie's perceived age (Moretz is 15 years old, playing a character a few years older than her). "In the middle of the movie," Moretz recalls, "Kim [Pierce] looked at me, and she said, 'I need you to be younger.' And I went, 'But the whole problem was that I wasn't old enough!' And it was this huge learning experience for me." (By comparison, Spacek was already 26 when she played a the high school-aged Carrie White.)

Like the original that was directed by Brian De Palma, "Carrie" revolves around a sheltered high school girl, an outcast who gains telekinetic powers and uses them to play out ultimate revenge against her tormentors. (De Palma, by the way, gave his blessing over the remake, Peirce said at NYCC.)

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The remake stars Julianne Moore in the role of the overly religious and isolated mother, Margaret, first played by classic film star Piper Laurie. And this time there is a tighter focus on the dysfunctional relationship between mother and daughter, according to Pierce.

"Carrie" is due in theaters March 15, 2013.

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