Exclusive: Liam Hemsworth Was ‘Nervous’ Around Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman on ‘Paranoia’ Set

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Harrison Ford shaved his head to play a duplicitous tycoon in "Paranoia," and co-star Liam Hemsworth dared not to touch it.

"I didn’t rub his head," the 23-year-old actor confirmed with Yahoo! Movies. "I was afraid I might get knocked in the face or something."

Ford isn't the only screen legend Hemsworth gets to share screen time with in the corporate espionage film — he also has scenes with Gary Oldman and Richard Dreyfuss.

"The Hunger Games" actor admits shooting "Paranoia" was an intimidating experience. "Knowing that those guys were coming aboard is pretty frightening," he said of the three actors, who have all been nominated for an Oscar at one time or another (Dreyfuss won one in 1977). "I’ve never worked with people like that before."

In the film, Hemsworth plays Adam Cassidy, a young, tech-savvy Brooklyn guy who is groomed to fit in with execs and steal secrets.

Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford
Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford

Hemsworth shot scenes for several days before any of the aforementioned veterans arrived. "It was kind of a buildup for two weeks," he recalled, adding that he thought to himself, "'When are they gonna get here?'"

Enter Oldman.

"It was about 7 a.m., and Gary's a really soft-spoken guy in real life," Hemsworth said. "He's very kind and listens to what you're saying."

But that all changed the minute they launched into their scene.

"He just came in with so much intensity — and he's yelling and spitting in my face in this scene, interrogating me, and everyone on set just went dead silent," the Australia-born actor recalled.

"It was a real punch in the face," Hemsworth admitted, adding it shocked him into upping his game. "It was like, OK, he's here. Step your game up.'"

Lucky for Hemsworth, his character is supposed to be anxious around Oldman. "It makes you nervous, but I think in a good way," he explained of working with Oldman. "My character, a lot of the time, was pretty nervous around his character. I think it's being able to use that in the scene and not get too frightened by it."

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Liam Hemsworth shirtless
Liam Hemsworth shirtless

Hemsworth had to transform for the role both visually and vocally. He wore tailored suits almost every day for the film — when he wasn't shooting steamy love scenes with Amber Heard. "I don’t generally wear suits," he said. "It was an interesting life to live … much different from anything I've done before. I think it makes you kind of look at the way that other people live — agents and managers and these kinds of people," he said with a laugh.

Hemsworth also got some coaching for his Brooklyn accent. "Every American film I do I use a [dialect] coach. We run through it all. We didn’t go too heavy Brooklyn in this … We just used little bits and pieces."

As for Ford — he never threw down with Hemsworth. And for good reason: "He's just a very easy person to work with," he said of the actor set to reprise his Han Solo role in "Star Wars: Episode VII." "He would come on set and start feeling around before his scenes … It’s nice to see someone like that, who's done so many films and still cares about every single little thing in every scene. He's very particular about things in the best way possible. And he was also very accommodating to me."

"Paranoia" opens August 16.

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