Emma Roberts Talks ‘Adult World,’ Adulthood, and NYC at Tribeca Film Festival

Emma Roberts stepped into the Hollywood spotlight playing parts like Nancy Drew back in 2007, but the 22-year-old has quickly shed her schoolgirl image and is determined to flex her acting chops.

The Los Angeles-bred actress hit the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival to promote her latest film, "Adult World," where she plays Amy, a college graduate who dreams of being a poet, but can only get a job at a sex toy shop.

Roberts, who stars opposite her real life boyfriend, Evan Peters, in the flick, chatted with Yahoo! Movies about her role in the coming of age story and her favorite things about spending time in the Big Apple.

We've watched you grow up on film. Did you enjoy this more mature role?
I really loved that it was a coming of age story, but in a more honest way. It has less of a Hollywood gloss. It was definitely funny and I think the errors she makes were very real. People can relate to them. I think it is just cool to see people going through that stuff. We have all been through embarrassing moments and had our parents get mad at us, lost friends along the way, and stuff like that. It is cool to see that on camera.

This film was set in an adult entertainment shop -- what was that like?
It was cool for my character because she wants to be a poet but she has no life experience and she can't get a job. It is just ironic that she gets a job in a sex toy shop when she has never even had a boyfriend, she knows nothing about sex. It is just funny that this girl, who wants to talk about how amazing her experiences are in life, hasn't even had any experiences.

Did you learn anything at the shop?
Oh yeah. I definitely had some of those moments and everyone was like, "Emma, put that down!" I was like, "Oh my god." There were some funny ones for sure.

Did you have fun shooting this movie with your boyfriend?
It was so much fun. Shooting a movie in 20-something days, you're working all day and all night, and you have to entertain yourselves. Working in a sex shop was hilarious for everyone. We were all throwing inappropriate toys at each other and I kept saying, "Look at this girl! Look at this!" So, it was funny.

Would you ever work with Evan again?
Yeah, totally! It would be fun to work together again. I would love to do a comedy with him. Comedy is really fun. This movie actually came across as more of a comedy than we thought it would. While we were making it, we were all laughing. We thought that they were just inside jokes, so it was cool watching it with an audience and seeing that everyone else thought it was funny too.

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Earlier this week, you tweeted that you missed Coachella. Do you ever want to be a normal 20-something and forget work?
Yeah. It would be really fun. I've been working a lot lately. It was nice last weekend to get away [at Coachella], even though there are a lot of people there. It would be fun to go and not have any cameras be there so we could just have fun and enjoy it.

What's your one New York City must-have?
I love the tomato soup at Sarabeth's Kitchen. It is sooo good.

Have you ever tried street meat?
I have tried it. I will never eat it again. I was starving. This was a long time ago, before I really knew.

Who is the most famous person you've seen in NYC?
Oh! I saw Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts walking with their kids once. I literally wanted to follow them, but of course, I didn't. He had his kids on his shoulders and I thought, "This is awesome." Nobody else noticed, either. I was standing there with my jaw on the ground and typical New Yorkers just kept walking.

Have you spotted Suri Cruise?
Oh my God – yes! I love Suri Cruise. She is one of my fashion idols. Literally, my dream in life was to meet Suri. I met her at Mr. Chow's. She is the cutest thing ever. In my next life, I want to be Suri Cruise.

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How many times have you almost been hit by a bike messenger?
Knock on wood. None.

What's your favorite bagel topping?
Cream cheese! But I like my bagel extra, extra toasted.

Have you ever gotten your heel stuck in a grate in the street?
Yeah. I've carried my heels a lot around New York ... I take them off and walk barefoot.

Would you consider yourself and Uptown girl or a Downtown girl?
Downtown girl. Definitely.