Disney unveils massive new ‘Disney Infinity’ video game project

Disney has unveiled a massive, wildly ambitious new video game project, one of great potential interest to movie fans. In June, they plan to release "Disney Infinity," an interlocking group of multiplayer games -- across all available platforms -- in which, once all the games are released, literally every Disney and Pixar character that has ever appeared on film will be playable.

The initial set of games in June will feature characters from "Monsters University," "The Pirates of the Caribbean," and "The Incredibles," with future releases adding in other Disney/Pixar universes until eventually, all are complete. There is, as yet, no word on whether characters from properties Disney has acquired, such as "The Avengers" and "Star Wars," will be included in this plan. Perhaps most intriguing is what Disney is calling the "toybox," allowing players to mix and match characters from different universes so that, say, Mr. Incredible and Jack Sparrow could team up.

It is, frankly, too big a concept to easily wrap one's mind around, and feels like a logical extension of the increasing overlap between film and video games, with each meeting the other halfway. Could this be another example of Disney blazing the trail, lighting a way ahead few dared imagine, let alone see? We find out in June.

Watch the announcement trailer for 'Disney Infinity':