You Did It! Exclusive New ‘Vampire Academy’ Poster Unlocked

You want it, you got it. You might as well be a royal Moroi.

You took our challenge. You retweeted like crazy! And you earned this exclusive first look at the hot new poster for "Vampire Academy."

It's pretty awesome, no? We don't know about you, but we took one look at Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa (Lucy Fry) with that "They suck at school" overlay and bright neon hues, and all of a sudden Iconapop's "I Love It" started blasting in our heads. Just us? Ahh, well, your loss.

Either way, this is a pretty hot depiction of the quick-witted high school vampire flick based on the first in the bestselling series of young adult novels by Richelle Mead. For those who don't yet know their Moroi from Strigoi vampires but were made curious by the snappy tagline and bright colors, here's a little primer.

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The movie, directed by "Mean Girls" helmer Mark Waters, follows Rose (Deutch) a half-human, half-vampire who must protect a royal Moroi vampire from the evil Strigoi vamps. She and the peaceful bloodsucker she's sworn to protect, her BFF Lissa Dragomir (Fry), have been caught and forced to return to the school they once fled, where they face demons both literal and figurative – think "Mean Girls" for vampires – as well as a hot mentor Dimitri (Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky).

Watch the 'Vampire Academy' Teaser Trailer:

One of the great things that sets this story apart from other fang-centric series is that it kicks off with the assumption that vampires are real.

"Every movie now seems to have the first half hour is always the same – the innocent character is walking down the street and they come across this new world and all of this crazy stuff happens and then they start, 'This can't be happening. … There's no such thing as a vampire,'" screenwriter Dan Waters (yes, he's the brother of the director and also the scribe behind "Heathers") told Yahoo Movies. "What I love about 'Vampire Academy' is that nobody is innocent. That we get to skip ahead in line. That everybody knows that magic is real, that vampires are real, and that vampires doing magic is real. It's just another day of high school."

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That just another day of high school comes on February 14 when "Vampire Academy" hits theaters. In the meantime, stay tuned to @YahooMovies on Twitter as we talk to the cast at New York Comic-Con this weekend.