Denzel Washington’s first nude scene in ‘Flight’

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

For his latest movie, Denzel Washington takes on a harrowing role in "Flight," which involves a revealing moment -- literally. The actor does a nude scene.

The story centers on his character, Whip Whitaker, an experienced but alcoholic airline pilot who crash-lands his plane after it goes into a dive -- and manages to save almost everyone on-board -- but may face prison time for drugs and alcohol found in his system.

The drama is receiving glowing reviews -- and Washington's performance is already getting Oscar buzz. But even such a seasoned actor had a first in this movie as the script called for him to disrobe. And it's not what you think: Washington reveals a bare behind while wearing an open hospital gown during a conversation with his drug dealer, played by John Goodman.

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"Yes, I gave it all, more than I wanted to," Washington told USA Today of the revealing hospital scene. "We were going for it. I don't know if it was in the script like that. But once we got into it, we went for it. It's real." No body doubles here!

Audiences may be surprised to see the movie star taking on a character who parties hard the night before the flight with a flight attendant (played by Nadine Velazquez), drinking, and even snorting a line of cocaine.

As for playing an alcoholic, Washington admits to preparing for the part with Internet searches of "drunk" and letting YouTube be his guide.

The Oscar winner said the key to acting drunk is trying to hide it. "Usually what people are trying to do is maintain themselves," Washington tells the paper. "Where actors get into problems is that they act drunk. In fact, you're trying to keep it in. Especially a pilot. This guy is basically lying most of his life. He's used to it."

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Director Robert Zemeckis agreed that Washington "goes deep" in the role. "He has this gravitas. I couldn't imagine anyone else but [Washington] for that part. And he just nailed it beyond my expectations."

"Flight" is in theaters now.

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