Comic-Con MVP Tom Hiddleston Acts out ‘Thor: The Dark World’… With Action Figures

Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Of all the excitement and enthusiasm to come out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the renewed/elevated/overwhelming appreciation for actor Tom Hiddleston is one of our favorite headlines from the event. His wonderfully entertaining and unexpected appearance in costume as Loki during Marvel’s Hall H presentation brought the house down and launched a petition to the studio to make a Loki-centric spinoff, as well as countless blogs and news stories celebrating his performance that definitely make a good case to name him this year’s SDCC MVP. Was any actor or celebrity having more fun than Tom Hiddleston?

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And lest you need more reasons to appreciate and/or adore the multi-talented man, feast your eyes and ears upon the video below, where we put Hiddleston on the spot on Marvel’s post-panel press line to act out the plot of the highly-anticipated "Thor: The Dark World" using just three Hasbro action figures: a Thor, a Loki and a Dark Elf.

As you can see, he totally delivered and thanks to his quick wit, voice over work and action figure puppetry, the result is pretty fantastic. I now hope to hear Loki yell, “I hate your guts!” to Thor repeatedly in “The Dark World.” So thank you Mr. Hiddleston for adding more fodder to fuel your fandom’s flames. Let your star continue to burn brighter, and continue to inspire a ton of .GIFs on Tumblr.

Thor: The Dark World” opens in theaters November 8.