Christian Bale Sports a Wicked Comb-over on the Set of His New Film

Holy Male Pattern Baldness, Batman!

"The Dark Knight" star Christian Bale was spotted on the set of his next film, and he's apparently traded in his cowl for a comb-over. For the film, which is set in the 1970s, Bale was photographed on location in Boston with stringy hair trying (and failing) to cover up a bald dome. His conman character also has a full beard, and it looks like Bale has packed on some pounds for the role. The rose-tinted aviator glasses and velvety blue suit also give away that the film takes place firmly in the disco era. Take a look at the photo:

Christian Bale on the set of David O. Russell's new film
Christian Bale on the set of David O. Russell's new film

Bale isn't the only actor who is changing up their hair for the movie. His costar Bradley Cooper was photographed on the set with his hair in pink curlers, and lead actress Amy Adams was snapped wearing a zebra-striped shower cap. And the Boston Herald caught Jeremy Renner filming with a sky-high pompadour. The other lead in the movie, Jennifer Lawrence, was spotted looking fairly normal, albeit bundled up for snow. So her hat may just be hiding a radical 'do of her own.

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It's a high-powered cast brought together by director David O. Russell, who has a stellar track record for getting great performances out of his actors. Bale won an Oscar for his work with Russell on "The Fighter" (unlike this role, Bale lost a significant amount of weight for that movie). Amy Adams also scored a nomination for that film. And Russell's most recent project, "Silver Linings Playbook," earned an Oscar for Jennifer Lawrence and a nod for Bradley Cooper.

The film currently doesn't have a title, but it is said to be about the "Abscam" sting operation the FBI conducted in the late '70s and early '80s that lead to the conviction of several members of Congress and a U.S. Senator. Look for the film to hit theaters around Christmas.

Watch director David O. Russell talk about the cast of 'Silver Linings Playbook':