Why Chris Hemsworth Didn’t Love Going Topless for ‘Thor’

Shirtless Chris Hemsworth in "Thor"
Shirtless Chris Hemsworth in "Thor"

Shouldn't such a sentiment be reserved for people who, you know, don't have the physique of a god?

It was a no-brainer that Chris Hemsworth would appear topless at some point in "Thor: The Dark World." After all, Marvel knows that a good percentage of the audience will be highly pleased with the view. In fact, with Hemsworth's crazy diet and workout regimen ("I basically overfeed on protein and endless amounts of chicken breast and steak and fish and vegetables and brown rice," he recently told MTV), it would be something of a shame to not show off the fruits of all that labor (and eating).

Still, Hemsworth was reluctant to go naked from the waist up in an early scene in the "Thor" sequel in which the Avenger stands gleaming in the Asgardian moonlight. The Guardian points out that it kind of resembles the random beefcake moment in "Casino Royale" in which Daniel Craig and his ridiculous body emerged from the sea ... and, oddly enough, the whole thing was apparently "Avengers" director Joss Whedon's idea.

"That [scene] kind of came from Joss actually," said Hemsworth to MTV. "He just said that there needed to be something romantic in there. Then he said, 'Chris, get your shirt off.' I said, 'Well, I don't know. What's the why? What are we doing?' The justification was that it was him coming home from battle, washing blood off his hands. It is what it is. How to weigh into that without sounding like an idiot?"

We doubt the word 'idiot' will be coming to anyone's mind once the scene is unleashed unto the world along with the rest of "Thor: The Dark World." (And interestingly, Hemsworth didn't appear to have complaints about shedding his shirt for the first "Thor," which you can see captured in user-friendly slow motion thanks to one YouTube fan here).

Actually, Chris Hemsworth isn't the first super-duper-in-shape guy in Hollywood to hesitate when it comes to shirtless scenes. Taylor Lautner revealed to E! News at last year's "Breaking Dawn — Part 2" press junket that the one thing he won't miss about playing Jacob Black in the "Twilight" series is going shirtless, which he described as "not fun." And Matthew McConaughey revealed to Jay Leno that his celebrated topless scenes in "Magic Mike" came at a painful price.

"If you don't have to do it, don't ever do this," McConaughey told "The Tonight Show" host in June 2012. "I go to this little place in the strip mall. And the place is called 'Smile.' There's this Russian woman in there, and she's just as formal as you could be. She's pouring this glue and stuff all over you and you're sitting there and you're giggling and all the sudden she lays something on you and just [tears it off] and it hurts. And after every time she waxed off whatever hair she's pulling, she says, 'So sorry, so sorry, so sorry.' So you just giggle through the tears and hope you only got to do it once."

Millions are people are, of course, extremely grateful that he giggled through the tears and saw it through.

"Thor: The Dark World" opens November 8. Watch the trailer: