‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ teaser trailer gives the first glimpse at the last ‘Twilight’

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If you were one of the millions of people to watch "The Hunger Games" this past weekend, there's a good chance you also got to see the first full teaser trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." A teaser for the teaser was released online last week. If you came in late to "The Hunger Games," or it wasn't attached to the print you saw, or you just want to watch it over again, the teaser is now online.

At the end of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," Bella (Kristen Stewart) was about to die from the strain of giving birth and Edward (Robert Pattinson) had no choice but to turn her into a vampire. The film ended with her opening her now red eyes. In the teaser for "Part 2," we see Bella beginning to embrace her new self, darting through the woods with super-fast speed.

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After Jacob and Edward express their reactions to the new Bella (in the bit that was released as a preview last week), we finally see Bella as a vampire. She has the deep red eyes of a "newborn" vamp and pale skin -- well, paler. It ends with her stalking a deer in the forest. Clearly, she's getting in touch with her bloodthirsty side.

We asked our followers on Facebook to give us their reactions to the teaser. Here are a few of their responses:

C Marie Efta: Saw it, loved it and it made it worthwhile having to sit in the front row!!! Come on Nov.16th.

Emily Lynn Mingus: All I have to say is poor deer you never stood a chance!

Ivy Taayy: cool but wayyyyy to short! And it was creepy when Bella popped out when she saw the deer

Sammi May: Omg I screamed of course just want more!

Meghan Leather: I liked the trailer, I just wish it would be longer.

Pattie Scilluffo: I was mad because you always stop trailers right at the good part!

Sydnie Spore: It could have been longer. But I can't wait for Nov. 16th!!!!

Emily Hamilton: Got me super excited!!!! I can't wait!!

It seems like 48 seconds just wasn't enough for some Twi-Hards, but it's obvious they're hungry for more. We're certain to get more peeks at the last installment before "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" opens on November 16.

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