Bilbo Baggins vs. W.N. Bilbo: A grudge match

Bilbo Baggins, left, and W.N. Bilbo
Bilbo Baggins, left, and W.N. Bilbo

Two characters. The same name. Go!

Bilbo Baggins and W.N. Bilbo have a little bit more in common than just their moniker. Played by Martin Freeman in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and James Spader in "Lincoln," respectively, these Bilbos are bold when they need to be, bewildered at times, and ultimately bent on bringing it on. Since their respective films are in theaters at the same time as of this weekend, Yahoo! Movies decided to pit them against each other in an ultimate face-off. See who wins in this battle of the Bilbos:

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Humility factor
Spader plays W.N. Bilbo as a bit smarmy and disheveled. Bagginses (as Gollum would say) is inherently humble, happily self-sufficient in his hobbit hole with his food and books. Baggins wins.

Both Bilbos pretty much have the same wavy hairdo and even the same light brown color. W.N. earns an extra point for his bushy, up-curled mustache.

Sobriety check point
While Baggins stood on the sidelines as the dwarves and Gandalf guzzled all of his wine, W.N. Bilbo was either drinking, seemingly intoxicated or hungover throughout most of "Lincoln." W.N.'s social lubricant, however, seemed to work to his advantage, and a drunk Baggins would have been useless to his warrior troupe. We're calling this one a tie.

Physical strength
Both lose in this category. Period.

Intellectual prowess
Let's face it, Baggins is a nerd. He's a voracious reader, an adept food connoisseur, and even employs street smarts when push comes to shove. A seeming clear winner. But W.N. and his ramshackle group of political operatives were the muscle behind the passing of the 13th Amendment. Heck, even Lincoln himself knew that and, as depicted in Spielberg's film, visited W.N. during the clutch moments before the historic vote. Sometimes you have to fight dirty and W.N. knew how. Both Bilbos prove to be indispensable to their colleagues, making this one another tie.

Bilbo doesn't curse. W.N. does. In fact, he drops the only f-bomb in "Lincoln." The winner of this category is a completely subjective matter. Disqualified.

Winner: Baggins
As fate would have it, W.N. loses by a hair (from his mustache).

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" opens everywhere on Friday.

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