10 Movies We Won’t Be Seeing in 2013 (but Were Supposed To)

Chris Pine in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"
Chris Pine in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"

At this rate, there won't be any movies coming out this holiday season!

We're exaggerating, of course, but what was looking like the most overcrowded holiday movie season ever is now shaping up to be a bit more manageable as two high-profile titles got dumped from their December release dates this week: Kenneth Branagh's spy franchise reboot "Jack Ryan: Shadow Agent" and George Clooney's WWII drama "The Monuments Men."

These films are just the latest to have been crossed off the 2013 calendar. Below you'll find a list of movies we were supposed to have seen or be seeing this year but that were pushed to 2014 for one reason or another.

1. "Foxcatcher"

"Moneyball" and "Capote" director Bennett Miller once again mines real life for the dramatic with this adaptation of Olympic wrestling gold medalist Mark Schultz's autobiography. Channing Tatum stars as Schultz, whose brother Dave (Mark Ruffalo), another Olympic wrestling champion, was murdered by John Eleuthère du Pont (Steve Carell, in a rare super-dark role), multimillionaire, paranoid schizophrenic, and founder of a wrestling facility at his own Foxcatcher Farm in Pennsylvania. The film was set for its world premiere at AFI Film Fest in November followed by a theatrical release in December but has been delayed until sometime in 2014 to give the filmmakers "more time to finish the film," per Deadline.

2. "Grace of Monaco"

Nicole Kidman's portrayal of Grace Kelly won't be considered for this year's Oscar race, as director Olivier Dahan's true-life drama about the 1960s political dispute between Monaco's Prince Rainier III and France's Charles De Gaulle (yes, the star of "Dial M for Murder" was somehow involved in this) will now open on March 14, 2014. The film was originally scheduled for December and then November before being pulled from 2013 entirely — and you know that gets Harvey Weinstein's goat, as he's all about the Oscar campaigning.

3. "I, Frankenstein"

We first heard about this adaptation of Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel over two years ago, though it's had a hell of a time getting to theaters. The film follows the adventures of Adam Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart), the 'creature' of Mary Shelley's novel given a rather Biblical name, as he gets caught up in the war between demons and gargoyles (versus vampires and werewolves, er, Lycans, per Grevioux's other genre offering, "Underworld"). The film, which made for an intriguing presentation at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con, was originally slated for February 2013, then September and now finally January 24, 2014.

4. "Jack Ryan: Shadow Agent"

Sorry, Jack, if we had a choice between you and "The Wolf of Wall Street" coming out this year, we're gonna have to go with Marty & Leo. "Wolf" was originally slated for November 15 but moved to December 25 because it's currently nine hours long or something; "Jack Ryan" originally had the Christmas Day slot but has now been moved to January 17, 2014. Paramount seems to know which one is their Oscar contender.

5. "Knights of Badassdom"

"And there be monsters in need of pummelin' — huzzah!" We sure would like to see this movie in which Peter Dinklage (utterer of that wonderful line) and other live-action fantasy roleplayers (including Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn and a confused-looking Summer Glau) accidentally summon a succubus from Hell, a supernatural crisis that forces them to, you know, play dress-up for real. The film's been a long time coming: Production commenced in July 2010, followed by an announcement in September 2012 that it would hit theaters in "the first half of 2013." That's certainly come and gone. Maybe next year? Verily, please.

6. "The Monuments Men"

George Clooney's WWII tale follows an "Ocean's Eleven"-ish cast to die for (including Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, and Jean Dujardin) playing a group of art historians and museum curators tasked with saving priceless works of art from Nazi destruction. The film was originally scheduled for December 18 but has been delayed until February 7, 2014 to allow more time for the visual effects work and for Alexander Desplat to record the score; original reports had Clooney struggling with the tone of the film, though the director-star has claimed that's not the case at all.

7. "RoboCop"

The remake no one wanted but that we'll probably see anyway features an upgraded Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) fighting crime and corruption in Old Detroit as the crown jewel cyborg supercop of OmniCorp. The powerful and probably corrupt multinational conglomerate is run by Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton), who might have the worst character name for a CEO ever. "RoboCop" was originally slated for an August release (which didn't fare well last year with another remake of a Paul Verhoeven film, "Total Recall") but later moved to February 7, 2014.

8. "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For"

A sequel to "Sin City" was first announced hot upon the release of the original "Sin City" ... which was way back in April 2005. Director Robert Rodriguez has since dabbled in "Machete" movies, several kid flicks and at least one zombie apocalypse ("Planet Terror"), and now he's finally back in Frank Miller's gritty underworld with an adaptation of what's definitely one of the better "Sin City" yarns, featuring Eva Green as Ava Lord, the ultimate femme fatale, and Josh Brolin as her fool Dwight, previously played by Clive Owen (the cast change will be explained if you don't know why it's called for already). "A Dame to Kill For" was originally slated for October 4 but moved to August 22, 2014, probably because it takes about a bajillion hours to render all of the high-def effects work that brings Miller's shadowy black-and-white world to life.

9. "300: Rise of an Empire"

"Madness? This ... Is ..." ... Whoa, hang on, hold that thought for about seven months. It seems like 2013 just isn't the year for Frank Miller sequels, as this follow-up to the ultra-manly war film "300" was pulled from its original release date of August 2. Someone must've remembered that the original "300" did quite well with being released in March 2007, so the sequel is now following suit with a new opening planned for March 7, 2014. Interestingly enough, "Sin City" beauty Eva Green is in this one, too, playing the role of warrior woman Artemisia.

10. "Walk of Shame"

Elizabeth Banks' one-night stand is going on for a bit longer as director Steven Brill's dark comedy ended up not opening on September 20 as originally planned. The film sounds like a less sinister version of "Falling Down" as a night of random passion ends with Banks stranded in downtown L.A. without a phone, car, ID or money — and only eight hours to make it to the most important job interview of her life. We'll witness the sometimes surreal consequences of casual sex on March 7, 2014.