Unofficial ‘Minecraft’ Poster, Movie Aims for ‘Lego’ Boost

Bryan Enk

As we learned this week, Warner Bros. is looking to build another blockbuster by acquiring the rights to "Minecraft," the multiplayer mega-hit in which construction is the name of the game.

And we have taken it upon ourselves to add to the hype with our own unofficial "Minecraft" movie poster (above).

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For the few of you who don't know, "Minecraft" is an 'open sandbox' game in which players use virtual cubes to build and/or destroy structures and other objects in the creation of any environment they can dream up whilst evading enemies such as the exploding Creepers, the moaning Zombies and the arrow-shooting Skeletons.

And it's only, like, one of the most popular video games out there right now, with GameSpot reporting that the Xbox 360 version has sold over 10 million copies and Time Entertainment noting there are currently more than 100 million "Minecraft" players hard at work ... er, play ... er, work. Both.

Warner Bros. appears to be in the building blocks business now as acquiring the rights to "Minecraft" comes hot on the heels of the box office smash that is "The LEGO Movie," which has made over $280 million in worldwide ticket sales after just three weeks of release. In fact, the "Minecraft" movie is going to be produced by "LEGO" man Roy Lee via his Vertigo Entertainment banner.

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It's true that video game movies usually don't get the high score at the box office (at least domestically), as recently evidenced by "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" (2010), "Hitman" (2007) and "Silent Hill: Revelation" (2012). But we have a feeling that a video game movie that's a lot like "The LEGO Movie" will do just fine.

No director, cast or plot has been announced, though Deadline (who had the exclusive) reports that this will be a live-action film, not computer-generated. What the heck kinda fun is that? Consider this unofficial first poster to be 'concept art,' then, or at least some really sweet fan fiction.

"Minecraft" was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus 'Notch' Persson and later developed and released by Mojang AB. An 'in-development' version was released on the PC in May 2009, which gamers were invited to buy and play before it was finished, effectively becoming the developers' default test market.

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The completed version of "Minecraft" was released for the PC in November 2011 and for Xbox 360 in May 2012, with stripped-down versions released in late 2011 for Android and ioS. The PlayStation 3 version was just released this past December and topped PlayStation Store sales for the PS3 in January.