Trailer Premiere: Samuel L. Jackson Is a Bad Man Beyond a ‘Reasonable Doubt’

Now that's what you'd call "prosecutorial misconduct."

In "Reasonable Doubt," Dominic Cooper plays Mitch Brockden, a young go-getter in the District Attorney's office with a wife and baby at home. After a night out celebrating, Mitch is driving home when a man darts out in front of his car and gets hit. Worried for his career, Mitch doesn't see any eye witnesses (but does hear the clicking of a Zippo), and he speeds away.

Then someone does get caught for the hit-and-run, accused criminal Clifton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson). To protect himself, Brockden has to throw the case and let Davis — the one guy who can pin the accident on him — go free. But that means letting a serial killer back out on the street. So Mitch has to find a way to stop the psychopath who holds all the cards.

Samuel L. Jackson in 'Reasonable Doubt'
Samuel L. Jackson in 'Reasonable Doubt'

Cooper and Jackson both previously appeared in Marvel's "Captain America: The First Avenger," but they didn't share any scenes together (their stories were separated by 70 years). The working title of "Reasonable Doubt" was "The Good Samaritan," which shouldn't be confused with the 2012 movie, "The Samaritan," starring, of course, Samuel L. Jackson.

"Reasonable Doubt" will be in theaters and available on demand on Jan. 17.