'The Fault in Our Stars' Extended Trailer Brings the… Laughs?

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You've already heard all about how you're going to go through an entire box of tissues come June 6 when you go see "The Fault in Our Stars," but, we admit, we've only been telling you half the story.

You're also going to laugh. A lot.

Sure the bestselling novel by John Green is all about kids with cancer falling in love, so readers weep as they read about the characters' struggles with the disease, and they weep again with the whole romance of it all. But they also laugh hysterically, right out loud, between their tears. And, if this exclusive new extended trailer for the movie is any indication, the same rollercoaster experience will be had in theaters this summer.

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In this clip, we first meet Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) in a laughably awkward church support group (led by Mike Birbiglia) filled with cheesy songs on an acoustic guitar. Afterwards, Hazel is complaining about the experience to her parents.

"If you want me to be a teenager, you don't send me to support group," she declares through the nasal cannula that helps her breathe. "You've gotta get me a fake ID so I can go to clubs and take pot."

"Uh, you don't take pot," her father, played by "True Blood's" Sam Trammel, notes.

"That is the kind of thing I would know with a fake ID," she replies. That's also the kind of humor you can expect from this film.

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Of course, just when you're starting to think this movie might be a bit lighter than you'd initially thought, the trailer turns, and the "grenade" goes off as we see Augustus running, carrying Hazel into the emergency room, and everyone looking devastated.

Moments later, the romance and the comedy are back, with Hazel having difficulty getting her shirt off during a love scene and declaring, "We are a hot mess."

Which, let's be honest, is probably what the person sitting next to you right now is saying about you after watching you weep and laugh and swoon and weep some more as you enjoyed every second of this three-minute trailer.

"The Fault in Our Stars" arrives in theaters on June 6, but some lucky fans in four select cities will get to see the cast in person a month ahead of time. Here are the winning locations for "Demand Our Stars," where stars Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, and author John Green will stop on their nationwide press tour.

Tuesday, May 6 — Miami
Wednesday, May 7 — Cleveland
Thursday, May 8 — Nashville
Friday, May 9 — Dallas

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