Speed Date: Discover ‘Divergent’ Star Theo James’s Nude Routine

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He inspires such Tumblr fan sites as crazybouttheojames.tumblr.com, F--- Yeah Theo James (which includes the descriptor: "definition of perfection"), Theo James Daily, and this one solely dedicated to his animated GIFs.

But if you're not a YA fangirl, you probably still have a lot to learn about relative newcomer, heartthrob, and "Divergent" leading man Theo James — like knowing what he wears around the house when no one is looking. (Hint: The answer is nothing. We know. He told us during a recent press day in Los Angeles. And we have video above to prove it.)

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The 29-year-old English actor, also known as the late, irresistible, Mr. Kemal Pamuk — whose death on Season 1 of "Downton Abbey" set a whole series of scandals into motion — shared things with Yahoo Movies that even his greatest fans have yet to learn.

For instance, when was the last time James looked up an ex on Facebook? "Fairly regularly," he revealed during our flash round, three-minute Q&A session.

James findings ranged from the romantic (he pays on first dates, and yeah, he said he has his "standard dish of Jamie Oliver" that he cooks for the ladies), to the ultra private (the aforementioned nude around-the-house thing), to the mundane (he doesn't have allergies).

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Watch our Speed Date with James to find out more — like what unusual childhood pets he had, what he did "last Friday night," and hear him describe his worst-ever date.

"Divergent," along with droves of Theo James fans, flocks to theaters this Friday.

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