Find Your Rhythm in ‘Fading Gigolo’ and 5 More Movie Tangos

Is there anything more sensual in a movie than a choreographed dance? Hollywood's frequent use of these scenes tell us that no, there is nothing more titillating than a tango between two potential love birds.

This exclusive clip from "Fading Gigolo" features the film's writer-director-star John Turturo ("The Big Lebowski") doing a sexy dance with a sexy woman — the sexy woman, Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family"). Judging from the footage, seen here first on Yahoo Moives, the two get to know each other a lot better through the language of dance.

The movie revolves around a man Fioravante (Turturo) who reluctantly becomes a gigolo at the behest of his cash-strapped friend and future "manager" Murray (Woody Allen). Understandably, things get complicated when dealing with love, money, and women. That is particularly true of the strong female characters, played by Vergara and co-star Sharon Stone, who play friends who both decide to have a go with Fioravante. (You can see the full story unfold when the movie arrives in theaters April 18.)

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Speaking of cinematic tangos, we got to thinking about the best ever put on film. Here are our five favorites:

5. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
The calm scene before the storm, this is when John (Brad Pitt) and Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) know they're both out to kill each other, but first try to talk about it rationally on the dance floor.

4. "True Lies"
Though there are two tango scenes in this movie, the end sequence is the true gem since we get to see the happy married couple (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis) dancing together — and officially working together.

3. "Some Like It Hot"
When Jerry (Jack Lemmon) takes one for the team to let Joe (Tony Curtis) have a hot date with Sugar Cane (Marilyn Monroe), he winds up dancing the night away with a smitten gentleman who doesn't realize he's not dancing with a lady.

2. "Moulin Rouge"
The magic of this tango is multi-faceted. First there is heartbreak in the parallel storytelling of two sets of romantically linked characters who have to share their partner with another. Add to that the poignant use of a rearranged "Roxanne," plus the beauty and pain in the choreography, and you have one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.

1. "Scent of a Woman"
And one tango to rule them all: When cantankerous, crotchety, blind Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) takes innocent, trusting Donna (Gabrielle Anwar) for a spin on the dance floor, his demeanor instantly softens and his fancy footwork proceeds to melt every heart in the room.