Why Nerds Are Outraged Over 'X-Men' Movie's Quicksilver Makeover

"X-Men" fans everywhere are up in arms over Quicksilver's revamped look.

Empire Magazine started feeding mutant mania on Twitter on Monday by rolling out character reveals for this summer's highly anticipated hero mashup, "X-Men: Days of Future Past." And one of 'em has comic book geeks grumbling.

The mag covers reveal some old friends, such as Hugh Jackman looking as he always does as Wolverine and Jennifer Lawrence looking particularly voluptuous as Mystique, a notable contrast from her predecessor Rebecca Romijn-Stamos's more athletic physique. You also get Michael Fassbender in full-on Magneto mode, which is just all sorts of satisfying.

New faces include Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask, the man behind the Sentinels, giant robots programmed to stomp mutants; Josh Helman, playing a younger version of mutant-hating military man William Stryker (previously played by both Brian Cox and Danny Huston); and a gentleman named Evan Jonigkeit as a younger (and less green) version of Mortimer Toynbee, aka Toad (previously played by Ray Park all the way back in the first "X-Men" movie).

And then there's the shot of Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, decked out in what might be the most dubious "X-Men" get-up to date. It's a look that's inspiring comparisons to '90s club kids, "Spy Kids" villains and even Corey Feldman in "Dream a Little Dream." In other words: Not good.

Here's a snapshot of the widespread disapproval we've seen on Twitter:





It's also worth pointing out that Quicksliver looks a lot cooler in comic book form on Marvel Wiki (below, left). Heck, he looks cooler on regular Wiki, too (right).

This is especially a shame considering that the character, who has the mutant power to think and move at super-speeds, is being played by Evan Peters — who has proved over the course of three seasons to be the best thing about "American Horror Story" that isn't Jessica Lange.

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It's a strange approach to what's a unique character in the on-screen Marvel universe, as he'll be appearing in both "X-Men" (owned by Fox)... and Marvel/Disney's "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015), written and directed by Joss Whedon. The rival studios agreed on how the character will be portrayed in each incarnation; Quicksilver's sibling relationship with Scarlet Witch will be explored in the "Avengers" sequel (in which he'll be portrayed by "Kick-Ass" star Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and we have a feeling the fact that he's the son of Magneto will come up in "X-Men."

So what is director Bryan Singer doing with this ill-fated costume? Is he bitter about having to share the character with Marvel so he's sabotaging his own version in some kind of weird passive-aggressive attack on the rival project? Or is this his idea of a 'realistic/edgy' approach to a younger member of the mutant line-up?

Hopefully it's just a bad Photoshop job.

The controversial Quicksilver costume is actually something of an anomaly when it comes to the live-action "X-Men" wardrobes. One of the best things about the first "X-Men" (2000) was its sleek n' sexy yet relatively realistic approach to the costumes — particularly in the third act, with the team's dark leather skin suits providing a better alternative to the traditional "yellow spandex" (as meta-referenced by James Marsden's Cyclops) of the comics.

Come to think of it, yellow spandex might look great on Quicksilver.

Anyway, don't get too worked up. It wouldn't be an "X-Men" movie if there wasn't some fan-driven 'concern' over certain elements in the months leading up to its release. Remember when no one was really sure about this Hugh Jackman fella playing one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time?

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" will hit theaters on May 23.

Here's a look at more of those "X-Men" character reveals: