These Earth-Bound 'Star Wars' Scapes Will Blow Your Mind

These Earth-Bound 'Star Wars' Scapes Will Blow Your Mind

What happens when you mix real world beauty with small-scale, realistic-looking "Star Wars" models?

A thing of beauty, that's what.

Finnish photographer (and illustrator by day) Vesa Lehtimäki was not only obsessed with the famous film franchise when he was young — but as a boy, he would constantly imagine visual elements from "Star Wars" as existing in the real world, he tells Yahoo Movies.

Now, 35 years later, Lehtimäki has made his boyhood dreams come true, creating a series of photos that bring his favorite "Star Wars" spacecrafts and characters into real, natural settings — Han Solo's souped-up junkbucket the Millennium Falcon (as Han tells Luke, "She's got it where she counts, kid"), included.

Many of his photos set his "Star Wars" figures in snowy landscapes, because, he says, the icy Hoth planet in "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) "was something that completely blew me away, and winters were never the same."

The 47-year-old photographer from Helsinki offers commentary along with his photos. See his slideshow here.

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