How Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Will Cast Big Shadow Over Oscar Night

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams in 'Doubt'
Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams in 'Doubt'

Ranking her among "the most gifted people I know," Philip Seymour Hoffman sang the praises of friend and colleague Amy Adams, in an October interview with Vanity Fair.

The late actor's ties run deep with Adams. They appeared in three films together — "Charlie Wilson's War," "Doubt," and "The Master" — and, sadly, just days before Hoffman was found dead of an apparent overdose, he and Adams had finalized plans for her to star in a film he was set to direct. "I love acting with her," he said in the Vanity Fair interview. "We're friends. We've talked a lot."

With five Oscar nominations to her name, including a current Best Actress nod for her leading role in "American Hustle," Adams is one of many of this year's Academy Award contenders who had worked with and befriended Hoffman. As Heath Ledger's death, which also involved drugs, rocked the 2008 Academy Awards, the loss of Hoffman is set to cast a shadow wide and deep over the March 2 ceremony.

Jennifer Lawrence, nominated for Best Supporting Actress, starred with Hoffman in the final three "Hunger Games" installments. Best Actress nominee Meryl Streep — a longtime vocal fan of Hoffman — did stage work with Hoffman and went toe to toe with him in "Doubt." Julia Roberts, nominated for her supporting role in "August: Osage County," appeared with him in 2007's "Charlie Wilson's War." Brad Pitt, a producer on Best Film contender "12 Years a Slave," appeared alongside Hoffman in 2011's "Moneyball," as did Supporting Actor nominee Jonah Hill. And Best Actress contender Cate Blanchett, nominated for "Blue Jasmine," struck up a friendship with Hoffman when they worked together in "The Talented Mr. Ripley."

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"Much of the time, I was in Rome with Cate and [her husband] Andrew [Upton]," Hoffman said of filming "Ripley" in a 2008 interview with The New York Times. "I have a hard time having fun, but that was heaven," he said. It was the same year he did Upton's play "Riflemind."

It was also Hoffman's work in "Ripley" that first caught Streep's attention. "I sat up straight in my seat and said, 'Who is that?' I thought to myself: My God, this actor is fearless. He's done what we all strive for — he's given this awful character the respect he deserves, and he's made him fascinating," she said in the same Times article, an extensive profile on the late actor.

"Philip is not particularly any one way," she added at the time when "Doubt" was hitting theaters. "He can be anybody at all. One of the most important keys to acting is curiosity. I am curious to the point of being nosy, and I think Philip is the same."

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Before Hoffman was ever seen onscreen with Streep, he immediately kissed her when he won his Oscar for "Capote" in 2006. The two knew each other from a staging of "The Seagull" in 2001, and judging from the smooch, were dear friends even before their first film, "Doubt."

There are other connections. Laura Dern is expected to show up to support her dad, Bruce, nominated for Best Actor for "Nebraska" — she did two films with Hoffman. Though shut out of individual nominations, Tom Hanks, will likely be in attendance to support Best Picture nominee "Captain Phillips"; Hanks co-starred with Hoffman in "Charlie Wilson's War." Catherine Keener, who has a small role in "Phillips," shared significant screen time with Hoffman in both "Capote" and also "Synecdoche, New York." And another star of a Best Picture contender, "Her" lead Joaquin Phoenix, faced off with Hoffman in "The Master."

Many of those aforementioned stars took to Twitter to mourn their talented co-star.

Ohers who were closer to the late actor, like Streep and Adams, have yet to release public statements, leaving us to wonder if they will will wait until the Oscar stage to pay tribute to their fallen friend.

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