Hollywood Mourns Philip Seymour Hoffman

You aren't the only one shocked and filled with sadness about the sudden death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Sunday at age 46.

Actors and filmmakers – whether they'd worked with the Oscar winner or not – took to Twitter and beyond to share their sorrow and honor the star. Many declare him one of the best actors of his generation and even more open up about what an inspiration his career has been to them.

Spike Lee, who directed Hoffman in "25th Hour," told "The Insider With Yahoo," "[It's a] great, great loss. I'm thinking about his three young kids. I spoke to [co-stars] Edward Norton today, Barry Pepper, and Rosario [Dawson], and we're all just crushed."

"He really emerged on the scene in 'Boogie Nights,'" Kevin Costner told "The Insider With Yahoo." "He was a giant talent, and I chased him for some parts to play for me. He was just special. He was like a Rod Steiger he was a great actor and then you wake up and you're gone."

George Clooney, who directed and starred with Hoffman in 2011's "The Ides of March," kept his statement brief, but sincere. "There are no words," he said. "It's just terrible."


Gwyneth Paltrow, who starred opposite Hoffman in "The Talented Mr. Ripley," shared the following image on Instagram along with this caption: "Ischia 1998, post dinner, post shooting...Philip was a true genius. #philipseymourhoffman."

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Claflin wasn't the only one from "The Hunger Games" franchise to share a comment. The following statement was released on behalf of "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" director Frances Lawrence, author Suzanne Collins, producers Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik, and Jennifer Lawrence: "Words cannot convey the devastating loss we are all feeling right now. Philip was a wonderful person and an exceptional talent, and our hearts are breaking. Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to his family."



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Robert De Niro, who shared the screen with Hoffman in "Flawless," had this to say about the fallen star: "I'm very, very saddened by the passing of Phil. He was a wonderful actor. This is one of those times where you say, 'This just shouldn't be. He was so young and gifted and had so much going, so much to live for.' My family and I send our deepest condolences to his family."

The "Breaking Bad" actor went into further detail about what the Hoffman meant to him on Instagram, writing alongside a photo of the star, "Philip Seymour Hoffman dies at age 46. He will be remembered as one of the finest actors of all time. I got into this business because I was inspired by this man. Looked up to him on so many different levels. You will be missed always and forever. R.I.P. my friend."















Demi Lovato wrote the following expanded tweet: "I wish more people would lose the stigma and treat addiction as the deadly and serious DISEASE that it is. Drugs are not something to glamorize in pop music or film to portray as harmless recreational fun. It's not cute, "cool" or admire able. It's very rare when people can actually predict their addiction and even then, you never know when too much is going to take their life or take a bad batch of whatever it is their using. It's time people start really taking action on changing what we're actually singing/rapping about these days because you never know if you could be glamorizing a certain drug to a first time user or alcoholic who could possibly end up dead because they end up suffering from the same deadly disease so many have already died from. This stuff is not something to mess with. Why risk it? Addiction IS a disease. Please spread the word so we can take the taboo out of discussing this illness and raising awareness to people of all ages. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman.. An INCREDIBLE artist who lost his life to this horrible disease.. May you rest peacefully and in complete serenity now that your pain is gone. God Bless..."