No, January Jones, This ‘Fifty Shades’ Poster Is Not a ‘Mad Men’ Copycat

Amanda Bell
'Fifty Shades of Grey' vs. 'Mad Men'
'Fifty Shades of Grey' vs. 'Mad Men'

Don Draper and Christian Grey may be as different as night and, well, late night — but at least one "Mad Men" star thinks the "Fifty Shades of Grey" team is less-than-subtly taking a leaf out of the Sterling Cooper ad book, which has served the hit AMC series so well.

January Jones, who portrays the oft-beleaguered blonde babe Betty Francis (formerly, Draper) in the retro drama series, has publicly cried foul over the first movie poster for "Fifty Shades," implying it's nothing more than a rip-off of one made for the show a few years back.

On her Instagram page, the actress posted a shot of the film's poster — which features the backside of Jamie Dornan as the mega-successful entrepreneur as he gazes over a grayed Seattle skyline — and captioned, "Does this look familiar to anyone else?" with the hashtag #madmenpostercirca2010 added in for good measure.

The specific "Mad Men" poster to which she was referring was from Season 4 and featured Jon Hamm in his Golden Globe-winning role, also pictured from behind, wearing a slick suit and gazing out of his high rise office window unto a colorless city-scape.

Granted, some similarities are obviously there between the two images. Yet, is it enough to justify Jones's accusatory reaction?

Thing is, the poster trend of featuring central figures from behind is absolutely nothing new to the movies biz and was certainly not unique to the show when it released the shot. In fact, you can find a whole slew of other back-to-camera posters the "Fifty Shades" image might be thought to have drawn inspiration from right here in Yahoo's handy dandy gallery collection of no-face heroes.

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From "The Bourne Identity" to "Inception" to "Watchmen," you can find nearly dozens of examples of this posture being played into poster form.

Even the specific sight of a protagonist looking out from his building's window unto such a scene was not some novel concept when the network dropped its famed "Mad Men" poster.

Want proof? Well, look no further than the Batman poster image from Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" (which was released in '08, well preceding the 2010 TV poster in question).

In it, the Caped Crusader overlooked his troubled Gotham City and, for once, appeared small in comparison the vastness of his obligations. The stance and scenery were basically just good tools for previewing the character's plight and the mood of the movie ... kinda like what was happening in the Don Draper stance depicted, right?

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Still, it's likely no one would accuse the "Mad Men" team of stealing ideas from Batman, even if they are both at-times duplicitous figures, orphaned in their youths and always expected to pull proverbial rabbits out of hats when the collective need arises.

Mr. Draper and Mr. Grey, on the other hand, might both be said to have unhealthy relationships with women and carry a handsome air of success and intrigue about them ... Not to mention, there was that one episode where Don tried to tie his lady up — a very Christian Grey-esque move indeed.

Even so, Jones might've gotten ahead of herself by calling this one a case of poster plagiarism, given the well-endowed history of Hollywood and rear-facing poster fare.

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"Fifty Shades of Grey," directed by Sam Taylor-Wood and featuring Dornan and Dakota Johnson as the much-fussed pair of lovers, is scheduled to hit theaters on February 13, 2015.