The Most Fierce Moments From Final, Fear-Driven 'Divergent' Trailer

"Divergent" fans: Here's your next fix.

During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday, a giggling Shailene Woodley and Theo James zip-lined in to premiere the third and final trailer from the bestselling novel-turned-movie, which will hit theaters on March 21.

They were both adorable, of course (all James needs to do is speak), and we learned a few new things about the much-anticipated futuristic flick, which also stars Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd, and Miles Teller.

Here are the most fierce moments from the new "Divergent" trailer:

Tris Outruns a Wolf.

We've seen Woodley's character, Tris, in the glass, water-filled part of the simulation meant to determine into which of the five factions of the society she belongs, but we haven't seen her tussle with wolves. And before you start thinking, "Ugh, there are wolves? What is this, 'Twilight?'" just watch. Girl Usain Bolts and catches that furry fella, diving on top of him and dragging them both down to disappear through the floor (proving this is a sequence, and not real).

Four Admits He's Scare of Heights.

James had no problem zip-lining on "Kimmel," but his on-screen counterpart, Four, reveals he's afraid of heights in the trailer. Actually, Tris calls him out on it and he shoots back, "Everybody's afraid of something." Then he admits she's not because she's totally bad ass, saying, "But not you. Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up. That's what makes you dangerous." (He means dangerous in a good way.)

Love a Mother-Daughter Moment.

Growing up part of Abnegation, Tris didn't know much physical affection from her parents. But in one scene between her and her mom, Natalie (Ashley Judd), we see mom grab Tris's hand and give it a loving squeeze along with a heady warning.

Tris Is Fearless. Duh.

Four warns Tris that they have to be ready for anything, and she quickly lets us know she is. "All of my life I've lived by your rules," she says confidently at the end, adding, "Not anymore." Dauntless, indeed.