Toni Collette Hunts a Lost Rock God in 'Lucky Them' Trailer

Rock stars have the worst luck around Toni Collette.

In 1998's "Velvet Goldmine," she played the wife of '70s glam rock star Brian Slade, who faked his assassination and disappeared into anonymity. Now she's on the trail of another disappearing rocker from a very different musical era in the upcoming "Lucky Them."

Collette, an Oscar nominee for her role in "The Sixth Sense," plays Ellie Klug, a rock journalist whose career is hanging by a thread when she gets the assignment to track down missing Seattle music icon Matthew Smith. It's a complicated task, because Smith hasn't been seen in a decade and he's Klug's ex-boyfriend. Helping her in her pursuit is Charlie (Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church), a former software mogul trying to reinvent himself as a documentary filmmaker.

Where "Goldmine" flashed back two decades to the glam rock world of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, "Lucky Them" uses a similar gap in time to re-examine the grunge era of Kurt Cobain (who died 20 years ago next week). The film is also semi-autobiographical in nature, with Collette playing a role inspired by the film's co-writer Emily Wachtel (who wrote under the pen name "Ellie Klug").

Also starring Oliver Platt and Ahna O'Reilly, "Lucky Them" opens in select theaters on May 30.