‘Life of a King’ Trailer: The Real-Life Story of Redemption and Chess

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"Always think before you move" is good advice both on the chess board and in life. It's a lesson that Eugene Brown tries to instill in the youth of Washington D.C., and his message will soon be spread with a new movie based on his true story, "Life of a King."

In the film, Cuba Gooding Jr. plays Brown, who had a turbulent childhood which resulted in several stays in juvenile detention. Eventually, he was convicted of bank robbery and sentenced to hard time in the Trenton State Penitentiary. But he found solace behind bars in the game of chess.

Released after 15 years, Brown returned to Washington and founded The Big Chair Chess Club (named after the 20'-tall statue of a chair in the city's Anacostia neighborhood) with the intent of shaping young people's future by teaching them the game.

Brown now deals in real estate in addition to his work with kids, and his students have won trophies in several national chess championships. While the trailer for the film focuses on Brown educating troubled teens, he actually trains children as young as 6 years old.

Dennis Haysbert and Cuba Gooding Jr. in 'Life of a King'
Dennis Haysbert and Cuba Gooding Jr. in 'Life of a King'

"Life of a King" opens in theaters on Jan. 17.