‘Lego Movie’ Stars Reveal Just How Many Lego They Were Paid

You're not alone. Even the minds behind "The Lego Movie" were a little skeptical about the idea of, you know, making a movie with and/or about Lego (or Legos, or Legi – whatever the plural of "Lego" is -- more on that later).

"We were approached for the idea of doing a movie based on the Lego brand and we thought, 'I don't know,'" Christopher Miller, who co-wrote and co-directed the film with Phil Lord, told Yahoo Movies. "But then we watched a lot of those brick films that people make and post online, these stop-motion shorts that are so creative and funny and charming. We were like, 'If we did it like that, it would be awesome.'"

The very in-demand Chris Pratt (TV's "Parks and Recreation," and soon-to-be-star of blockbusters "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic World"), who voices "The Special" (aka "Chosen One") Emmett, was all-in because of Lord and Miller, who directed his wife Anna Faris in the funny and charming "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"

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"They're such interesting filmmakers – smart, clever guys with a very subversive, silly sense of humor," said Elizabeth Banks, who plays the action heroine Wyldstyle. "So I knew it was in the best hands possible."

It also helped that the stars were paid in millions of Legos (Lego? Legi?), clearly. We dared to ask the cast just how many bricks they got for the gig.

"1.3 million Legos," Pratt spilled. "I'll get 2.6 for the sequel, which is pretty good, so I'll have just under 4 million Legos." (Breaking news: There's a "Lego" sequel on the way.) He admitted later he has a swimming pool full of them now.

It was the sole demand of funnyman Will Ferrell, who plays the evil Lord Business: "So I have three massive dump trucks of Legos parked outside my house."

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Which brings us to the controversy: What IS the plural of "Lego"?

"It's Legi," insisted Will Arnett ("Arrested Development"), who voices a very Christian Bale-esque Batman.

"Will is lying to you, it's Lego," Banks said. Confirmed Pratt, "The plural is Lego. The folks from Denmark (where Lego is based), they like to remind you that it's Lego, because it drives them crazy that people call them Legos. It'd be like seeing deer, like three deers. No, it's three deer."

"The Lego Movie" is now in theaters.

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