Jack Ryan Megaclip With Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, and a Quasi-Personal Dog

Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) could certainly write up a poor Yelp review about the service at his Moscow hotel.

In our extended "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" megaclip above, Ryan gets shown to his hotel suite by a seemingly helpful man named Emree (Nonso Anozie aka Xaro Xhoan Daxos from "Game of Thrones"). Unfortunately, the former Marine, one-time stock broker, and soon-to-be-operational CIA analyst gets shown more of the room than he bargained for.

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As we'd expect from Tom Clancy's legendary character — previously embodied on the big screen by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck — Ryan springs into action. But it's not just his actions that set Ryan apart, it's his mind. "His weapon is his brains — he thinks and moves with his mind faster than other people," Pine told us (along with a select group of journalists) on a visit to director Kenneth Branagh's Central London set last October.

In Ryan's contemporary origin story, Branagh also plays Viktor Cherevin, a Russian dirty-businessman up to global-finance-disrupting trouble. We can see in the clip that Cherevin has invited Ryan to Russia on his dime. We can also see he's not very hospitable.

"[He] is a very powerful guy and he has a very particular grudge and a pain that is in his system, and that he wants to do something about, and he has the imagination to go with it and take on America, the CIA and Jack Ryan all at once. All of those clashes, I hope, make for good drama," said Branagh.

Once Ryan disposes of Emree, he quickly leaves the scene of the crime and encounters William Harper (Kevin Costner) sitting on a bench with his "quasi-personal" golden retriever. Harper is a savvy CIA vet and Ryan's handler/mentor. "Some guys are born for management and some guys can straddle it and go back and forth, they’re more comfortable in the field, don’t mind being there. Some guys were never meant for the field. I think he’s a person who can straddle," said Costner about his character.

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After some high-quality mentoring, Harper informs Ryan that he's now operational. Then we see snippets of the action to come – Ryan in the crosshairs, financial institutions blowing up, vans flying! And if Ryan's life doesn't seem complicated enough, he's also got one more big problem: his wife, Cathy Ryan (Keira Knightly), isn't exactly into his new profession.

We'll see how Ryan sorts it all out when "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" opens on Jan. 17. And we'll have plenty more from the set visit coming up on Monday.

See Chris Pine in the "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" theatrical trailer:

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