Instant Commentary: ‘Lego Movie’ Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on Creating a ‘Rave Party for Children’

What was the mission statement for "The Lego Movie" co-writers/co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller in crafting the frenzied, color-coated "Cloud Cuckoo Land" scene?

"We wanted it to be a rave party for children," Lord told us.

Mission accomplished.

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In our new series "Instant Commentary," the filmmakers walked us through one of the most memorable bits in the movie, the introduction to the candy-hued Cloud Cuckoo Land. The sequence perfectly encapsulates the manic energy of the already astoundingly well-reviewed movie, which currently boasts a perfect 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

(For those keeping score at home, Lord and Miller are now 3-for-3, having debuted with the surprisingly great "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," followed that up with the surprisingly hilarious "21 Jump Street," and return this week with the surprisingly awesome "Lego Movie.")

Lord and Miller cite stylistic influences including The Beatles animated vehicle "Yellow Submarine" and the little-seen "Lumage" film "Twice Upon a Time" for the overall look of the scene.

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As Miller said, what we witness here is "what happens when creativity goes to far, with no structure whatsoever," and according to Lord, it's "what happens when you do a lot of Pixy sticks intravenously," (We would've guessed a different vice.)

"It basically makes no sense, whatsoever," Lord laughed. "But there's some really cool animation in it."

Critics don't seem to mind, and audiences likely won't, either.