‘Godzilla’ Poster Reveals the Biggest-Ever King of the Monsters

'Godzilla' (Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)
'Godzilla' (Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)

Godzilla's always been rather large. But now he's, like, really rather large.

The King of the Monsters is set to make an ultra-sized comeback this summer in director Gareth Edwards' reboot, which boasts the mighty cast of future "Avengers" co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, living legend Bryan Cranston, Ra's al Ghul stand-in Ken Watanabe and even French actress Juliette Binoche, finally making good on that "Jurassic Park" gig she couldn't do over 20 years ago.

As impressive as they are, the humans aren't what's got us psyched for the newfangled "Godzilla." It's the big beast himself that guarantees our attendance on opening night, and for the most part Legendary Pictures has so far been keeping the star of the show behind the curtain, offering only the vaguest glimpses through the dusty rubble in the film's teaser trailer.

The new poster gives us one of our best looks at Godzilla yet, though what's most striking isn't the creature's design (pretty traditional and awesome) but his sheer size. He towers like a lizardy colossus over his target city of San Francisco, easily twice as big as its tallest building, the Transamerica Pyramid — and, as that skyscraper stands at 48 floors, that makes Godzilla himself about 100 stories high.

Sheesh, we hope Kick-Ass is bringing some back-up.

Also, note that as he stands surveying his fiery destructive handiwork and barely acknowledges the SWAT team falling from the sky, Godzilla has his back to the camera for an even more dramatic effect, making him one of Hollywood's latest 'No-Face Heroes' (or, well, Anti-Heroes, anyway). It's all the rage these days.

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"Pacific Rim" was cute and all. But hail to the King, baby.

"Godzilla" will invade theaters on May 16.