Rocket Raccoon Speaks! Get to Know Your 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Bradley Cooper is the voice of Rocket Raccoon
Bradley Cooper is the voice of Rocket Raccoon

In Marvel's first "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer, which dropped earlier this week and got us all super pumped up for August, not a peep was heard from the film's CGI-enhanced space creatures, Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) or Groot (Vin Diesel) — or really anyone besides Peter Quill the Star-Lord (Chris Pratt).

Sure, they all made the vid's visual roll call of intergalactic outlaws — with Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), too. But the man pilot pretty much did all of the smart-talking for his little squad, with only a brief shot near the end where Groot gave Rocket a boost so he could let 'er rip with his signature firearm.

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Now, Marvel is giving out more of the goods on these guys, releasing handy character profile features for each.

In Rocket's mini-spotlight, not only do we get to hear the feisty little furball in action — riling up his jailhouse pals with a declaration that "this is our booty" — but we also get a few new words from director James Gunn and actor Bradley Cooper as well.

"Rocket is the heart of the movie in a lot of ways," Gunn explains about his pint-sized gunslinger, with Cooper adding his observation that the little dude clearly "has some real anger issues."

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Since Cooper was cast to voice the role for the film in its post-production phase, some might wonder just how Gunn and his team handled the motion capture issues on-set without a star in place, so he also spoke to that issue in a chat with Pointless Podcast released today (via

"My brother Sean Gunn wore a little green suit, and he waddled around and he acted out Rocket," he said. "I think all of the guys will attest to the fact that ... he was a great part of the team.

"[He] was a big part of that energy and creating that, not only was he doing a great job performing himself, but he gave the other actors something to work off so they're not working with a tennis ball." (We all know how difficult that can be.)

For Groot's featurette, we still don't get to hear the tree itself speak just yet, but Vin Diesel does come on to say, "Groot is one of the strangest characters Marvel has ever attempted to put on film. Breathing life into a character, it's great."

Drax also gets a broody close-up, with Dave Bautista — a WWE champ-turned-thesp — making the claim, "I basically am Drax."

Bautista describes his muscle-bound superhero alter ego thusly: "He's basically living solely for redemption. Drax is a warrior. He's a very emotional character. I mean, he's dealing with a lot of pain. That's why I love Drax. I kind of feel like Drax is now mine."

And since practically no sci-fi film would be complete without Zoe Saldana on the roster, here we also have a look at her all greened over as Gamora (not to be confused with her blue "Avatar" counterpart, natch).

"Gamora is this stealth assassin," says Saldana. "She's relentless, she's lethal, she's rough. She can kill you, but has a heart of gold, and I like that about her."

Last but certainly not least, the Star-Lord himself gets a moment in the sun as well with his own feature vid in which Chris Pratt explains, "Peter Quill is not a superhero. He's just a guy who uses his cunning and his charm to get him out of sticky situations."

Clearly there's a reason he's done all the talking so far: he's a total stitch.

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For those keeping track, director James Gunn also explained today that the reason certain "Galaxy" characters aren't featured alongside the film's above fivesome is simple: ownership.

"Marvel only partially owns Skrulls," he explained. "And also, for the record, we don't own Badoon either. So, people were asking why we have the Sakaaran in the film, we don't own the Badoon." Mystery solved.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" opens nationwide on Aug. 1.

Watch the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' teaser trailer: