Teens Tune in to the Ungrateful Dead in the 'Haunt' Trailer Premiere

If you didn't catch "The Possession" last year, you have whole other chance to get skerred by… a box.

Like the demonic "dibbuk" box portrayed in last year's fright film, "Haunt" hosts a creepy container you'd be better off keeping closed.

"Have you been messing about with that box?" asks two-time Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver, who comes off as creepy playing elder lady Janet Morello when she inquires with two box-curious teens.

They're not just any teens. They're teens in lurve. Liana Liberato plays Samantha, who prompts her new love interest Evan (Harrison Gilbertson) to join her in some box-play. Soon the inanimate object, which operates like a radio, transmits a message from a deep-and-creepy toned spirit who says, "My room." Yes, Evan's new house is haunted!

Judging by the trailer, once that box gets talking, all hell (and some sexy time) breaks loose: The case emits light and thrusts a man clear across the room. A girl appears to be unconscious, maybe even dead… and we just know that box-encased spirit is the culprit. Then we stop for hammer time — bloody hammer time, that is. A quick cut shows a bra-revealing make-out scene. Then back to the evilness as Evan appears possessed, his body maneuvering like that of a puppet (presumably by the direction of the demon) and his eyes turn black.

Oh and it gets worse. It sounds like demon dude has a friend. "She's coming closer," he says as a girly-sounding giggle enters the radio frequency. Toward the end of the trailer we catch a glimpse of a "Ring"-like girl demon. Is that to whom dude-spirit is referring?

The trailer ends with his warning of her imminence: "She's here."


"Haunt" will be available on demand and for digital download on Feb. 7, and in select theaters on Mar. 7.

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