‘Drop a Boob’: Decoding the Hilarious Moments Before Ellen’s Record-Breaking Selfie

In producing the Oscars selfie-that-broke-Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres also produced one of the funniest minutes of television we've seen in a long time. But if you only watched it once, you probably missed most of the hilarity.

Between Bradley Cooper's fixation on taking the photo (and obvious joy once he finally gets to), Jennifer Lawrence's advice that someone needs to "drop a boob," and Channing Tatum enthusiastically seconding that advice, it's the stuff of comedy gold.

With so much going on and so many stars talking over one another, it's easy to miss all the ridiculous banter going back and forth. So we painstakingly transcribed it, word for word (or at least the words that we're properly mic'd). But oh was it worth it!

DeGeneres: "Um Meryl ..."

Meryl Streep: "Yes."

DeGeneres: "Here's my idea: okay, so you were nominated... it's a record breaking 18 times, right? So I thought we would try to break another record right now with the most retweets of a photo."

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Streep: "Okay."

DeGeneres: "So right now, I am going to take a picture of us."

Streep: "Okay."

DeGeneres: "And then we'll see if we can break the record for the most retweets."

Streep: (pointing to Julia Roberts) "Okay. She's... get her in here."

DeGeneres: "Yeah, you should get in here too Julia."

Julia Roberts: (holding up bunny ears) "I can just do this."

DeGeneres: "No lean in. Lean in. Channing, if you can get in also."

Bradley Cooper: "Do you want me to take it?"

DeGeneres: "Bradley, will you come in, no I want you in it."

Cooper: (pointing at the phone) "I can take it."

DeGeneres: "Jennifer, come in also."

Cooper: "I'll take it."

DeGeneres: "Brad, get in here."

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Cooper: (reaching for the phone) "I'll take it."

DeGeneres: "No, I'm doing it.

Cooper: "You'll take it?"

DeGeneres: "Angie. Lupita. Alright. Okay, wait."

Jared Leto: "Hold on, I'm getting in on this too!"

Cooper: (moving Ellen's arm)"Maybe this way. This way."

Lawrence: "Somebody should drop a boob if we want this retweeted this many times."

DeGeneres: "Meryl..."

Channing Tatum: "Drop a boob. Somebody drop a boob."

DeGeneres: "Meryl. Meryl..."

Streep: "Want me to do it?"

Cooper: "Here, I'll do it."

DeGeneres: "No Meryl. Can you take it Meryl?"

Tatum: "I'll drop a boob. It's fine, I swear."

Roberts: "What does that mean, drop a boob?"

DeGeneres: "Meryl, can you take it? I can't get everyone in here."

Tatum: "Alright, I got a boob. I got a boob."

Lawrence: "Is my arm further?"

Cooper: (finally securing the phone) "My arm goes way further."

Lawrence: "My arm's probably better."

DeGeneres: "Hey, that's good. Look at us."

Cooper: "Nice!"

Pitt: "Not bad."

DeGeneres: "Oh yes! We did it!"

Streep: "Oh, I've never tweeted before!"

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