Valentine's Day POPsessions: 'Vampire Academy's' Dominic Sherwood Is a Lover With a 'Lion King' Tattoo

Christian Ozera might be the bad boy romantic lead of "Vampire Academy," the guy who's brooding and quite likely to burn your fingers with his mean fire powers, but the man behind him, actor Dominic Sherwood, is all lover.

For starters, he describes the passionate "Vampire Academy" fanbase with some of the warmest fuzzies of any actor in a young adult book-based franchise we've ever met: "It's really lovely to see that human spirit on a very deep level and that unity of all these people coming together for one cause," he told Yahoo Movies. "I started realize these people, they really care about us and they really care about what we're doing.

"And we, in turn, end up really caring about them because they're so supportive."

But save your swooning – we have a special, Valentine's Day-themed POPsessions for that. Read on for the skinny on his true feelings about "Friends," the key to his heart, and a surprising story behind his tattoo.

1. What's your favorite movie to watch on a lonely Valentine's Day?
Why are you assuming I'm going to have a lonely Valentine's Day?! I may never have had a lonely Valentine's Day. I watch Disney movies. There! Are you happy? "Peter Pan" is one of my absolute favorites. I wish I was Peter Pan so much. And "Aladdin" and "The Lion King." I have a "Lion King" tattoo – that's how much I love "The Lion King." It's on the inside of my left leg and it's Rafiki's staff. You remember the really old stick that has the fruit at the top? That's what it is.

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2. Who was your first screen crush?
I had a crush on Hilary Duff. "Lizzie McGuire" is exactly where it came from.

3. What's the most romantic moment in movie history?
That's gotta be "Romeo and Juliet," the balcony scene. "If I were a glove upon that hand," all that stuff.

4. If someone did that "Say Anything" boom box thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?

If they were someone I didn't know and they managed to get in – I have a security gate – and if they were in backyard, they would be facing like 14 other apartments that all have balconies. I'd probably be a little concerned if it was a stranger. If it was someone I knew, I think that would be lovely and very, very romantic.

5. Would you date a vampire if he/she was like, an insanely super babe and totally into you?
I have a couple of counter questions for you based on that one. Which vampires are we talking about? Do they live forever? Are they aggressive? Are we talking "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" vampires or "Vampire Academy" vampires?
Let's just say they're Moroi [the royal, mortal vampires from "Vampire Academy"].
If they're Moroi, then yes. If a vampire like Lissa [his love interest in the film] came into my life, are you kidding me? Absolutely.

6. What romantic role from history do you wish you could play?
He's a bit of a dawg [sic] and that's not who I want to be but he's also kind of a tortured soul and ends up being very lonely. Dorian Gray is who I'm thinking of.

7. Who is the hottest TV couple?
I really like Chandler and Monica from "Friends." I think their relationship was kind of adorable.

8. What TV break-up still hurts to think about?
Ross and Rachel's. An obvious counterpart to that one. Easy.

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9. Best break-up song?
"Ain't No Sunshine" [originally performed by Bill Withers].

10. What's your favorite breakup movie?
I think I'd just come back to my Disney again and get a smile slapped back on my face. That's what I would do.

11. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
Whoa. Good one. "Cinderella" was a big part of my childhood.

12. What was the first book you read that made you swoon?
"A Midsummer Night's Dream," actually. It's a play, but it was the first thing that was written down on paper that really made me…

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13. What's the best make-out movie?
"Vampire Academy." But also "Spider-Man" – that's such a good kiss, that upside-down one.

14. What's the best make-out song?
Some Stevie Wonder or some Marvin Gaye. Something along those lines.

15. What show do you hate-watch?
I used to watch "Geordie Shore" [the European version of "Jersey Shore"] a lot with my little brother. He used watch it and would drag me in with him. I wanted to just go away and do something else but I couldn't do it.

16. Are you a flowers or chocolates kind of guy?
Chocolates. I eat way too much. We don't know each other very well, but chocolate is the way to my heart.

"Vampire Academy" opens in theaters on Feb. 7. Watch the trailer:


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