‘Divergent’ Star Theo James Not Wild About His Barbie Doll

Theo James met his Barbie likeness on Tuesday night at the Los Angeles premiere of "Divergent." And the tough guy wasn’t wild about what he saw.

"I'm concerned about that picture because it looks like I'm constipated slightly," the 29-year-old British actor told Yahoo Movies of being replicated in Barbie form by Mattel Toys. "It's not the sexiest picture." But James is keeping a sense of humor about it all. "I have a life-size one I keep next to my bed," he teased.

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Here are three other things we learned at the "Divergent" premiere:

1. Kate Winslet's Oscar is no longer in her bathroom.

"Oscar has had a couple of different homes," Winslet told Yahoo Movies of her Academy Award. "He regularly gets moved around the house based on prominence of position — because actually what you want to do is put the Oscar in a place where people can grab a hold of it without anyone seeing," the 38-year-old actress said.

"It's on a bookshelf right now, but Oscar has been on the back of a toilet," she said. The bookshelf is the perfect spot for people to sneak a grab, she added. "I said to our lovely cleaner the other day — her name is Sam — I said, ‘Sam, you have had a hold of this, haven’t you?’" Winslet recalled.

Watch the Live 'Divergent' Premiere:

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2. Shailene Woodley stays energized by drinking …. what?

When she needs energy in the morning, Woodley doesn’t hit up Starbucks like most Hollywood stars. Her secret? A combo of Bulletproof coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. Yum?

Woodley's ultra-healthy diet was a hot topic on the red carpet. Co-star Zoe Kravitz recalled how Woodley often made her smoothies during downtime on the set. "It was so sweet!" She also shared Woodley’s other on-set snacks, which included quinoa and stuffed peppers with turkey. "It was great!"
3. Divergent isn’t just about the movie stars.

Ellie Goulding and A$AP Rocky, who are featured on the film's soundtrack, also walked the carpet at Tuesday’s premiere. Goulding admitted that shooting the video for her "Divergent" track "Beating Heart" was fun because "I got to run around the forest with a hot guy. What more could you want!?"

"Divergent" opens in theaters on Friday.

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