‘Devil’s Due’ Clip: Never Interrupt Satan’s Mom When She’s Eating

When the carrier of Satan's spawn is eating, you leave her alone. It's just that simple.

Alas, some amateur videographers never learn, as we can clearly see in our exclusive clip from "Devil's Due," the new found-footage horror flick from directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, who previously scared the dickens out of you with the "10/31/98" segment in "V/H/S."

In the film, Samantha McCall (Allison Miller) and her new husband Zach (Zach Gilford) seem to have the world at their fingertips: they're getting married, they're honeymooning in exotic locales, and they're having a baby! But when some staunch believers of early Christianity just have to summon the anti-Christ, they make Samantha's pregnancy much more complicated than it should be. And then all hell breaks loose.

See what hell hath wrought when "Devil's Due" opens wide on Jan. 17.

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See the theatrical trailer for "Devil's Due":