Chuck Norris Fact: He Can Out-Split JCVD and Channing Tatum

The Jean-Claude Van Damme-Channing Tatum-Chuck Norris Split-Off
The Jean-Claude Van Damme-Channing Tatum-Chuck Norris Split-Off

Well, it looks like the old man's still got it ... with a little help from digital technology, anyway.

We were wondering when the next 'epic split' video was going to pop up, as it's been a month since Channing Tatum showed off his astonishing physical prowess with a couple of catering carts in response to Jean-Claude Van Damme balancing between a pair of semi trucks. Now, JCVD's "The Expendables 2" co-star Chuck Norris is up at bat with the epic-est epic split yet in a Christmas video to fans.

We'd like to believe that the "Delta Force" star is actually splitting between two flying passenger planes whilst he balances a human Christmas tree made of 11 military men on his cowboy hat. We wish we lived in a world where that really happened — like, all the time.

Alas, the scene comes courtesy of the technical wizards at Delov Digital, including the hilariously incoherent narration (credited to a guy named Zsolt Pai). One might wonder what exactly inspired them to create this bit of holiday lunacy, though perhaps it was something as simple as waking up one morning after going to bed too soon after eating dinner with a feeling that it just had to be done.

However it came about, it's here, and it's our favorite hard drive stuffer so far.

Meanwhile, has anyone checked to see if iTunes sales of Enya's "Only Time" have gone up since all this started?

See JCVD's original split:

And Channing Tatum's parody split: