'And So It Goes' Trailer: Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton Finally Unite

With more than 90 years of professional acting experience between them, Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton have pretty much done it all. They are both Oscar-winning actors (Douglas also has one for producing). They've played the lead in both comedies and dramas in every decade since the '70s. But there's one thing they haven't done until now: work together.

Douglas and Keaton finally team up in "And So It Goes," a new comedy from director Rob Reiner. Douglas had worked with Reiner before on 1995's "The American President," but his character this time around is not exactly commander-in-chief material. He plays Oren Little, an obnoxious and manipulative real estate agent who consistently draws the ire of his neighbor Leah (Keaton). But then Little gets saddled with his 9-year-old granddaughter, and he has to rely on Leah to help him connect with the young girl he barely knows.

Reiner told USA Today that the inspiration for the movie came from Jack Nicholson when they were promoting their film "The Bucket List." Nicholson was asked what was on his own list, and the star answered, "One more great romance." (Nicholson and Keaton romanced each other in 2003's "Something's Got to Give" are good friends off-screen as well.) Reiner brought aboard Mark Andrus, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of "As Good As It Gets" — also starring Nicholson — to write the script.

Douglas said he personally identified with the character, who gains guardianship of his granddaughter after his son is sent to prison. Douglas's own son Cameron was jailed in 2010. "There are a lot of differences," Douglas said, "but it's about how life plays these tricks on you. One moment everything is perfect and the next it's not."

"And So It Goes" opens on July 11.