Lego Supes! No, Not More 'Batman vs. Superman' Bombshells, Just an Awesome Spoof

We're still getting over this morning's crazy-surprising "Batman vs. Superman" casting news, but in case you can't wait another two years for a look at the hotly anticipated film, we've got a new "Man of Steel"-centered trailer to tide you over:

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Wait, what? Oh, it's just a (rather excellent, we must say) spoof of the Henry Cavill-starring blockbuster trailer... for "The Lego Movie." It features Will Arnett as Batman and (drumroll) Channing Tatum as the voice of Superman. But this means that these two DC Comics heroes will actually be meeting on the big screen here first before 2016's "Man of Steel" sequel? Is this an attempt by Warner Bros. to divert from the Jesse Eisenberg/Lex Luthor casting? Will the plastic Lego version of Batman be more or less expressive than Ben Affleck?

Nah, it's definitely just a parody. Let's not overthink this one, or else, to paraphrase the words of Legoized-Superman, we'll ruin it.

Here's that "Man of Steel" trailer (so you can compare and contrast):