'The Equalizer' Poster: Denzel Washington Is on His Way

"Odds against you? Need help? Call the Equalizer."

Denzel Washington is coming to make things right in "The Equalizer," the movie adaptation of the TV drama which ran from 1985 to 1989 starring the late Edward Woodward. In the film, Washington takes on the role of Robert McCall, a retired intelligence operator who faked his own demise to live under the radar. But after finding a young woman (played by Chloe Grace Moretz)  in trouble with the Russian mob,  he returns to action to use his extreme tactics for good.

"The Equalizer" reunites Washington with director Antoine Fuqua ("Olympus Has Fallen"). The pair previously collaborated on 2001's "Traning Day," for which Washington won the Academy Award for Best Actor. Washington has been on a tear lately, still packing movie houses with action flicks like "The Book of Eli," "Unstoppable," "Safe House," and "2 Guns." But his dramatic work is as strong as ever as well, having received his sixth Oscar nomination in 2012 for "Flight."

Also starring fellow Oscar winner Melissa Leo, "The Equalizer" won't hit theaters until Sep. 26, but stay tuned for the first trailer coming to Yahoo Movies next week.