'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' Clip Pits Time-Traveling Dog vs. Greek Warriors

Watch Exclusive 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' Clip - Shermanus:

Who knew there was so much joking around in the midst of the Trojan War; not to mention, there was a talking dog there, too!?

Like the classic television cartoon on which it's based, the upcoming theatrical feature "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" involves time travel to key moments in history; the original "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," if you will.

In the above clip, seen here first on Yahoo Movies, talking genius dog Mr. Peabody (voiced by Ty Burrell of "Modern Family") appears in 1184 B.C. just as Agamemnon (Patrick Warburton of "Rules of Engagement" and "Ted") and his men are about to storm the gates of Troy via that giant woodan horse where they famously hid.

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And the reemagined version if this historical event has the Greek troops entering and exiting through the rear of the giant horse. Ya know - right under the base of its "tail." (Hey, any animated movie worth it's salt these days has a few butt jokes - see the "Despicable Me" series.)

You see, Peabody is chasing after his adopted son Sherman (voiced by child actor Max Charles who appeared in "The Amazing Spider-Man") - who has hijaked the scientist pooch's WABAC machine to impress a girl. He needs to get Shermanus, as Agamemnon calls him, under control, back home, and back to present time.

In normal Peabody fashion he does so by using his mighty brains, first entering the giant horse in a tiny horse, fooling the Greek soldiers in the exact same fashion that they are about to fool the city of Troy.

"I did not see that coming!" says a rather airheaded Agamemnon as his dumbfounded soldiers stand around in shock of Peabody's stunt. (Ha.)

Sure the upcoming film rewrites history by putting its characters in the middle of it, but it's also a fun way for kids to get interested in subjects it covers - which include King Tut in ancient Egypt, Michelangelo and the Mona Lisa, and, of course, the Trojan War.

"Mr. Peabody and Sherman" travels into theaters in the near future, on March 7.

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