John Cusack Surprises Peter Gabriel With Boombox Concert Cameo

It could be argued that the scene in Say Anything, when starry-eyed high school senior Lloyd Dobler attempts to woo back his ex-girlfriend Diane Court by boombox-blasting Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" outside her suburban bedroom window, is one of the best uses of a pop song in cinematic history. And history was certainly made again this past Saturday night, when at Gabriel's Hollywood Bowl concert commemorating the 25th anniversary of his landmark album So, Mr. Lloyd Dobler himself, aka actor John Cusack, made a cameo on the Bowl stage.

Slinking onstage about 20 seconds into the intro of Gabriel's iconic ballad, Cusack handed Gabriel a boombox and bowed graciously, before returning to the stage wings. Gabriel held the boombox above his head in a Dobler-esque salute, before continuing the song; Cusack then spent the rest of the night live-tweeting the show from backstage. (Sample tweet: "give a re-listen to his body of work- seeing gabriel live again made me rember how inspiring &transcendent -filled with passion and thought.")

Someone else in attendance at Gabriel's Saturday Bowl show was none other than Cameron Crowe, who directed Say Anything 23 years ago. Cameron took to his own Twitter page, happily posting: "Peter Gabriel and John Cusack on stage together at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. Won't forget that... ever." Cusack replied via his own Twitter: "If I were u I would follow @CameronCrowe and occasionally suggest we work together again - was so happy to see him last night at gabriel."

Say Anything, Part 2? Yesssssss! Make it happen, guys! Just make sure Ione Skye, aka Diane Court, participates this time.

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