WATCH! Highlights From “Move Me Brightly”: A Tribute To Jerry Garcia!

A milestone birthday plus a milestone event anniversary? You've got "Move Me Brightly," a film based around the historic musical event of the same name that celebrated Grateful Dead's legendary Jerry Garcia on what would have been his 70th birthday last year. The date also marked the 10th anniversary of the annual "Jerry Day" in Garcia's hometown of San Francisco. Of all the Dead events happening around the city that day, none were closer to Garcia than the all-star gathering of musicians, friends and friends at the "Move Me Brightly" tribute concert at Dead member Bob Weir's TRI Studios, an epic five-hour concert that was streamed live right here on Yahoo Music—and we have highlights from the show for you to watch right now!

The original stream began with a series of interviews with some of the biggest names in music telling stories and paying tribute to Garcia. Interviewed by actor Luke Wilson, Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann recounted experiences with the Dead, artists Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar, Perry Farrell chatted about Garcia's influence, along with personal stories from Garcia's brother Tiff, ex-wife Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia and three daughters.

The monster line-up of musicians young and classic, who were shuffled in and out throughout the show, included Dead bassist Phil Lesh and vocalist Donna Jean Godchaux, Mike Gordon of Phish, drummer Joe Russo and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti of Further, Harper Simon (son of Paul Simon), drummer Chris Tomson of Vampire Weekend, Hold Steady members Craig Finn and Tad Kubler, Josh Kaufman and Sam Cohen of Yellowbirds (who previously joined Weir for "The Bridge Session"), Cass McCombs, Black Crowes keyboardist Adam McDougall, Cardinals' Neal Casal and Jon Graboff, Jason Roberts, Jim Lauderdale and Jonathan Wilson.

Here's the setlist for the video above:

1) The Wheel > Cumberland Blues - Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Joe Russo, Neal Casal, Jason Abraham Roberts, Jeff Chimenti, Donna Jean Godchaux, Jonathan Graboff

2) Dupree's Diamond Blues - Cass McCombs, Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Sam Cohen, Jeff Chimenti, Josh Kaufman, Neal Casal

3) Ship of Fools - Bob Weir, Donna Jean Godchaux, Jeff Chimenti, Neal Casal, Joe Russo, Mike Gordon, Jonathan Graboff

4) Friend of the Devil - Jim Lauderdale, Cass McCombs, Harper Simon

5) Mission in the Rain - Jonathan Wilson, Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Donna Jean Godchaux, Neal Cassal, Jeff Chimenti

6) Shakedown Street - Bob Weir, Joe Russo, Mark Gordon, Jeff Chimenti, Harper Simon, Chris Tomson, Donna Jean Godchaux, Adam McDougal, Sam Cohen, Josh Kaufman

7) Terrapin Station - Cass McCombs, Donna Jean Godchaux, Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Jonathan Graboff, Sam Cohen, Josh Kaufman, Jeff Chimenti

8) He's Gone - Bob Weir, Mike Gordon, Donna Jean Godchaux, Jeff Chimenti, Joe Russo, Sam Cohen, Josh Kaufman, Jonathan Graboff

9) Eyes of the World - Bob Weir, Jim Lauderdale, Mike Gordon, Donna Jean Godchaux, Jeff Chimenti, Joe Russo, Sam Cohen, Josh Kaufman, Jonathan Graboff, Adam McDougal, Harper Simon

10) Scarlet Begonias - Bob Weir, Craig Finn, Donna Jean Godchaux, Joe Russo, Mark Gordon, Josh Kaufman, Sam Cohen, Tad Kubler, Jeff Chimenti, Adam McDougal, Jonathan Graboff

11) Days Between - Bob Weir, Neal Cassal, Jeff Chimenti, Sam Cohen, Josh Kaufman, Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Jonathan Wilson, Jonathan Graboff

12) Franklin's Tower - Bob Weir, Jason Abraham Roberts, Donna Jean Godchaux, Joe Russo, Jonathan Wilson, Mike Gordon, Chris Tomson, Josh Kaufman, Sam Cohen, Harper Simon, Neal Casal, Jim Lauderdale, Jonathan Graboff, Adam McDougal, Jeff Chimenti

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