Usher Pays Homage To Michael Jackson, Belts Ballads And Inspires During iHeartRadio Set

If you had the sound turned off during Usher's 25-minute set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas Friday, you might have assumed it was a tribute to the late Michael Jackson. Usher employed much of the King Of Pop's signature choreography as he dripped with sweat throughout his hits "OMG," "Yeah" and "DJ Got Us Falling In Love." But he was so good at it, it was refreshing, especially during the week of the release of the 25th anniversary edition of Jackson's Bad album.

Dancing wasn't the only talent the R&B pop veteran had on display. He showcased his vocal chops, singing with passion ballads "Burn" and "Climax," the closing number.

Before playing his new song "Numb," the singer who has endured a nasty split and child custody battle with his ex-wife offered viewers advice on coping with hardships. "Even though you may experience hard times, hold on," he said. "It may be hard. Many people had the hardest circumstances and they made it through. So I came up with this mantra: With every adversity comes a seed of great benefit. … You just got to be numb to the bullsh-t."

The iHeartRadio Festival is streaming live this Friday and Saturday night on Yahoo! Watch the biggest names in music perform in the most epic one-stop show you'll see this year!

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