P!nk Crashes No Doubt’s Set During The iHeartRadio Festival!

The gods of platinum blonde smiled upon the massive iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas Friday night when opening group No Doubt (No Doubt an opener? Really?) brought on a fellow superstar surprise guest: P!nk! The crowd went wild as the awesomely coiffed singer and fellow mom emerged from backstage.

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No Doubt closed out their set with their breakout single "Just A Girl" when singer Gwen Stefani announced mid-song the surprise guest. P!nk and Stefani shared a cute kissy moment on stage before launching into the killer rendition of the song that had every kid old enough to know what music was in the 90s utterly flipping out. Known for their tomboyish, edgy style, the two singers bounced around the stage trading off verses like they've been performing for years.

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The iHeartRadio Festival is streaming live this Friday and Saturday night on Yahoo! Watch the biggest names in music perform in the most epic one-stop show you'll see this year!

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