Madonna Surprises Avicii’s Crowd At Ultra Music Festival

"Electronic music has been a part of my life, since the beginning of my career," Madonna told an enormous crowd at he 2012 Ultra Music Festival in Miami Saturday night. She pandered, " I can honestly say that a DJ saved my life," referencing the classic Indeep song that became a dance music mantra. The pop queen made a surprise appearance before Swedish producer and DJ Avicii's set, who kicked it off with his remix of Madonna's latest dance floor banger, "Girl Gone Wild."

In her introduction, she asks the crowd if anyone's seen "Molly," which within the context of an electronic dance festival (and her new album's title), likely references the street name for a pure form of the rave drug MDMA. A sly way of referencing one's self, t-shirt and all? A pure form of Madonna.

Watch Madonna's surprise appearance:

After the brief introduction, Avicii came out and Madonna stuck around to dance alongside the DJ, mouthing the words to her song. There is no doubt that the crowd absolutely lost their minds with excitement.

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