Thom Yorke 'Creeps' Onto Unexpected Sex Ed Book Cover

Over the years, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has been on the cover of tons of magazines -- but now he’s covering…an Iranian book about sex education?

Yorke, who of course is the voice behind the hit “Creep,” randomly appears on the book’s cover, which is being sold at an online Iranian bookstore. And thanks to some translation magic, we found out that it’s titled “Marital and Sexual Problems in Men” – and retails for the low price of 20,000 Iranian rials! (That's equivalent to about 75 cents.)

As the image spread through Twitter, the alleged photographer revealed that he snapped the bizarre cover three years ago – at his uncle’s bookstore in Iran.

It’s probably correct to assume that the book’s publisher used Thom Yorke’s image without his permission. So the question is – what about the other two guys on the cover? Are they also unknowing poster dudes for sexual issues?

Turns out this is where things get really weird. One of those guys happens to be John Updike, the late author of books such as Rabbit, Run. At least though, he’s smiling.

It’s doubtful that Yorke will weigh in on the cover, although his latest tweet, in which he states cryptically "the philosophy of futility," could be interpreted as a comment on his inability to do anything about it.

And if that's not enough of a headache, Yorke also allegedly appears on a Russian ad for headache relief.

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