Taylor Swift Fan Breaks Security Guard’s Rib in Attempt to Reach Singer

These days, everybody wants a piece of Taylor Swift -- although when it comes to crazed, overzealous fans, that’s when you call in security.

At a recent show in San Diego, one fan made his way on stage before being taken down by Swift's guards. The singer didn’t skip a beat while performing her song “Style," but according to TMZ, 26-year-old Christian Ewing attempted to struggle free and even broke one security member’s rib in the process.

As expected, he was booked on charges of misdemeanor battery and obstruction. But, like any global superstar, Swift has many fans with no perception of personal space. Just last month someone grabbed her leg, startling the singer and interrupting her performance.

Taylor’s most recent close call went down this past Saturday night, which is probably why the following night at the MTV VMAs she surrounded herself with an impenetrable squad of supermodels.

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