Snoop Dogg Sued by Religious Group Over Offensive Music Video

Yahoo Music

A music video featuring Snoop Dogg smoking marijuana on a throne has offended members of the Indian Zoroastrian community, leading them to file a lawsuit.

The video is for the song “King” by Iranian-born singer Amitis. And while Snoop smoking is nothing new, this time he’s lighting up near a sacred Zoroastrian symbol – something the faith finds disrespectful and blasphemous. It also doesn’t help that the video features shots of scantily clad pole dancers.

The Calcutta Zoroastrian chapter which issued the public interest lawsuit is hoping to ban the video, and a representative said: “The wrong use of religious and sacred symbols and iconography hurts, insults and outrages the religious sentiments and beliefs of Parsi Zoroastrians.”

From a completely secular perspective though, “King” is offensive because, honestly, it’s just not very good.

Public opinion seems to agree too. Since being posted on June 1st, it has just over 80,000 views. And even more telling is that it has over 1,000 dislikes – about four times the number of likes.

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