Sam Smith Cancels Tour Dates Due to Vocal Cord Hemorrhage

As if Sam Smith’s longing love songs weren’t depressing enough, he just broke some news that’s making him – and his fans – even sadder. He posted on Instagram this week that he’s canceling the rest of his Australian tour due to a small hemorrhage on his vocal cords.

Smith chalked it up to long-standing vocal exhaustion, but said that right now his doctors are only prescribing good ol’ fashioned rest – not surgery. It does appear that the problem is serious enough that he was advised it could turn into a "huge long-term issue" if he does not rest until fully healed.

Obviously, this isn’t an ordinary case of a simple sore throat, but Smith has frequently struggled with his health on tour. Last September, he cancelled a show in Toronto because of tonsillitis; and only a month ago, a case of laryngitis forced him to back out of a gig in Milan.

But considering that Smith's voice is the main attraction, fans would probably be more upset if he gave a sub-par performance – or hurt himself in the process. As he himself noted on social media, "This kills me."

The affected tour dates in Australia only include four upcoming shows and Frontier Touring is working to reschedule the dates for sometime in December 2015. And so far, Smith's scheduled shows in Asia – which begin next week – appear to still be happening, hopefully a sign of a quick recovery.

Speaking of extreme vocals, Yahoo Live is streaming a concert from metal band Testament tonight. They’re kicking it off at 6:30 p.m. PT and you can check it out here.