5 Facts About OneRepublic's 'Love Runs Out' Video

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A fea(s)t of special effects and striking, surreal imagery, OneRepublic's video for "Love Runs Out" is high-sugar-content eye candy for the ADD generation. There's an elderly woman with a martini glass playing a piano, ninjas karate-kicking piles of books, kids boogie-ing down in the desert, riders on dancing horses, and strange, undulating volcano people. Throughout, frontman Ryan Tedder shakes a tambourine, wades through a plastic sheet ocean, sparks magical fires, and literally dances up a storm.

"We're in the desert, we're in the ocean, we're in the air, we're underground. And there's all kinds of bewitching beautiful creatures surrounding us," says Tedder in a behind-the-scenes clip. "This literally looks like the manifestation of a dream."

Here are some facts about "Love Runs Out" that you might not know:

1. "Love Runs Out" cost approximately $180,000 to shoot, but YouTube's Made in Network show "On a Budget" created a $50 spoof of the video with background imagery that looks almost as cool as the original.

2. Bassist Brent Kutzle's face was actually painted gold for OneRepublic's shootone of the video's few acts of old-school hair-and-makeup theatrics.

3. The "Love Runs Out" video was shot against a green screen; the vibrant rolling clouds, gorgeous sunsets, and lightning storms were digitally added later.

4. The dazzling video was conceived and directed by veteran British Sophie Muller, who has created more than 100 videos for everyone from Sade, Sinead O'Connor and the Eurythmics, to No Doubt and Garbage, to Beyoncé, Rihanna, Robin Thicke, and Lana Del Rey. "It's been a great experience for us working with somebody with such a specific and ambitious vision," guitarist Drew Brown said.

5. "Love Runs Out" was originally intended to be the first single for OneRepublic's 2013 album Native, but the band didn't complete it in time to make the record. "I could not finish the chorus — and you can't have a song without a chorus," Tedder told Capital FM. The song eventually came out as a single in April 2014, in conjucntion with a re-release of Native in the States.